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Commenting Policy

Here it is, in brief: If you can read it, you can comment on it; if and when you comment, be civil and respectful.

If you can read it, you can comment on it: Yes, all of you. Even if you don’t know the other people who are commenting. You’ll meet them, it’ll be fun. Or educational. Or aggravating. It’ll be something, that I’m sure of. You can talk to me, you can talk to others, it’s all good.

If and when you comment, be civil and respectful: This one is important to me. I won’t be spoken to with rudeness or condescension and I won’t allow other commenters here to be either. I’m sure things will come up that push your buttons and get you angry or passionate and that’s great. Just keep your cool and know that everyone else will as well. Debate with me and with others, challenge our opinions, just be ready to have your opinions challenged too.

Please note, if you’re commenting to tell me you don’t like how I write things and that you or someone else does it better or more to your preference? Rethink that, okay? Comments that serve no purpose other than to be rude are really not acceptable here.


Written by tldegray

August 2, 2009 at 10:08 pm

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