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#mmjinfo I want to tell you about my experiences with #medicalmarijuana in #MA and at a #ME dispensary. #spoonie #MultipleSclerosis

#mmjinfo You have to have a “qualifying condition” to be eligible for mmj. Leafly has links & info #mmjinfo

#mmjinfo @Leafly is a great resource, btw. Everything you could need to know about #medicalmarijuana on one site.

#mmjinfo I qualify for medical marijuana because I have #MultipleSclerosis & spasticity.

#mmjinfo My hospital does not allow its doctors to prescribe #medicalmarijuana. So for pain mgmt I go to a doctor that specializes in mmj.

#mmjinfo In MA doctors must have certain type & duration of training before being allowed to prescribe #medicalmarijuana

#mmjinfo You must also have a relationship with your prescribing doctor. They are a real part of your health team & renew your Rx annually.

#mmjinfo Speciality #medicalmarijuana doctors usually don’t accept ins. But you can submit a “super bill” to your ins as “out of network.”

#mmjinfo YMMV sending the bill to your insurance company. I don’t get reimbursed, but the $ amt is credited to annual out of pocket $ spent.

#mmjinfo #MA also charges you $50/year to get your #medicalmarijuana registration card. Signing up online is so easy & your doctor can help.

#mmjinfo My pain mgmt #medicalmarijuana doctor always forwards my records to my Neurologist. It was my choice, but it’s a thing they offer.

#mmjinfo In #MA I see a doctor at Their website also has a lot of information about #medicalmarijuana.

#mmjinfo Both my Neurologist and my Primary Care Physician are supportive of my taking #medicalmarijuana and are interested in the results.

#mmjinfo See? Legal, prescription medicine, overseen by multiple doctors. #medicalmarijuana is a real, helpful, legitimate thing.

#mmjinfo Here’s how you figure out your #medicalmarijuana dosage: Use your chosen strain until you get high. Then cut that amount in half.

#mmjinfo It’s important to check your dosage for different strains because they effect you differently. (Why is a big topic; more later.)

#mmjinfo For example, I use only one puff of a particular strain because two puffs gets me high. One puff. So this is sensitive. YMMV.

#mmjinfo I use a vaporizer to take my #medical marijuana. It’s personal preference. I don’t like to smoke. I also think it tastes better.

#mmjinfo Yes, tastes better. In my experience, smoking #medicalmarijuana tastes like burnt leaves, but vaping allows you to taste flavors.

#mmjinfo The United Patients Group has information on ways to consume #medicalmarijuana here

#mmjinfo Vaporizers vary in cost and quality so do your research. I’ve used both the Magic Flight Launch Box and the more expensive Pax.

#mmjinfo You’re also going to need a grinder for your #medicalmarijuana. I have hand & joint pain so I use a larger grinder with a handle.

#mmjinfo My grinder also has multiple levels and a “pollen catcher” to collect kief. (What is kief:

#mmjinfo Grinders about the size of a quarter are fine for grinding a small amount at a time & fit great with the Launch Box.

#mmjinfo This is all up to you. I grind in advance so I’m not cursing my painful hands and a grinder in the middle of the night.

#mmjinfo I like to grind some #medicalmarijuana in advance and store it in small, airtight glass jars like these

#mmjinfo Storage is important to keep your #medicalmarijuana fresh. Zipped baggies, airtight containers, whatever you like. I use both.

#mmjinfo Where to get your supplies? Your dispensary, your specialty doctor’s office, even amazon. It’s all out there and easy to find.

#mmjinfo Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning your vaporizer, pipe, whatever. You’ll need alcohol, pipe cleaners, q-tips.

#mmjinfo And do clean it often because the build-up tastes gross and it clogs the vape/pipe letting less vapor/smoke get to you.

#mmjinfo Earlier I linked you to different ways to consume #medicalmarijuana. Vaporizing is my personal preference, but I also like edibles.

#mmjinfo One of the differences in consumption methods is how long it takes for the #medicalmarijuana to affect you.

#mmjinfo Vaporizing works almost immediately, while edibles take some time to work (30-40 mins). Vaped effects wear off faster than edibles.

#mmjinfo For pain management purposes, vaporizing (smoking) deals with your pain right away, while edibles require you to plan ahead.

#mmjinfo By using #medicalmarijuana I was able to stop taking Vicodin, Baclofen, and Gabapentin. It deals with all the pain and spasticity.

#mmjinfo Getting rid of all those meds (some which upset my stomach, some which damage my liver, some which mess with my mood) was great.

#mmjinfo For me, #medicalmarijuana does all the things those drugs did, and does them faster, more effectively, with less side-effects. YMMV

#mmjinfo #MA has been slow in the legalization process. We’re just now getting dispensaries in our state. I’ve been going to Maine.

#mmjinfo To find a dispensary in your state, Google is your friend, as is Leafly, and your state’s Department of Public Health.

#mmjinfo In my experience with dispensaries, they are concerned about your privacy and are there to help educate you. So ask them questions!

#mmjinfo Okay, that’s about an hour’s worth of information. Enough for now. I’ll do this again sometime, and answer any questions I can.


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November 30, 2015 at 9:30 am