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Lock In by John Scalzi

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Lock InMy rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow. There was so much in this book. It’s suspense–people are being murdered and the FBI is investigating. It’s speculative fiction–one of the FBI agents is a “Haden,” a person with Haden’s syndrome whose body is in a medical cradle at his home while his mind inhabits a robotic body (threepio–so perfect). It’s about disability and disability rights and it is very, very good at that, in my opinion. The book gets five stars from me because it combines speculative fiction with suspense/thriller and because it made me think.

What would I do, were I a Haden? Would I use a threepio and interact with the physical world? Would I never use one and interact only in the Agora (a virtual world that is utterly real to the Hadens)? Would I mix both? There was a minor incident mentioned about threepios not being allowed to use chairs in coffee shops if those chairs were needed by those without Haden’s. The particular threepio relating it doesn’t mind, but I’d mind. Oh, would I mind. There are great things like that which call into question the humanity of a Haden while in their threepio. Then there’s the housing which tends to be small and cramped for Haden’s because they are, after all, bedridden and don’t actually need space. But do they deserve it? Does it benefit them?

Oh, and the whodunnit? A wonderful mix of plots and schemes with the technology available to them. Very clever.

I could go on. I’m going to be revisiting this book many times.

Buy Lock In and its prequel Unlocked on Amazon.


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November 17, 2014 at 7:00 am

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