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Mur Lafferty’s Shambling Guides

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The Shambling Guide to New York CityThe Shambling Guide to New York City by Mur Lafferty

3.5/5 stars. Zoe is an out of work travel writer who moved home to New York City. She finds an ad for a job she’s sure she’s perfect for, only to be told she wouldn’t fit in. Zoe doesn’t take no for an answer and scores herself a job interview and an introduction to the coterie–all the supernatural monsters (don’t call them monsters!) humanity doesn’t know exist. While planning and editing the ultimate coterie travel guide to NYC, Zoe gets entangled in a dangerous plot, discovers something about herself, and saves the city.

The action is interspersed with segments from the travel guide. It’s cute, but the travel guide sections often come before the related action, somewhat spoiling it. But that’s basically my biggest complaint about this book, which I couldn’t put down and ended up reading long into the early morning.

I really enjoyed Lafferty’s versions of vampires, elementals, and all the other coterie. The travel guide format creates an opportunity to learn things you otherwise wouldn’t learn, such as coterie history and dining habits. It’s a lot of fun.

Also, I really like Zoe’s friendship with Gwen (the Welsh death goddess) and Morgen (the water elemental).

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The Ghost Train to New Orleans (The Shambling Guides, #2)The Ghost Train to New Orleans by Mur Lafferty

3.5/5 stars. The Shambling Guide to NYC was a great hit with the coterie, so Zoe and some of her writers are taking the ghost train to New Orleans to write a travel guide for that city. My complaint from the first book in this series was that the travel sections often came before the action, spoiling it, and that’s fixed in this book, with the travel sections now coming after and supporting the action.

Though the first book threatened all of New York City, Zoe included, this book seemed more threatening to her on a personal level. One of her writers would happily kill her, she gets shot on the train, and some mysterious guy hints that she could be in huge danger just based upon who she is.

There is a mysterious African god Zoe meets in Jackson Square and I encourage those of you who don’t recognize him right away to google him. I think it’ll enhance your reading to know who and what he is, and it won’t take anything away from the story.

Zoe learned a lot of coterie and human-coterie history in this book and I’m fascinated to see where it goes. Yes, obvs, I am hoping for more in this series.

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