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Health Resolutions for the New Year

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Work with my PCP and Clinical Pharmacologist to better control my blood pressure. This includes trying various new medications, having as many appointments as they deem appropriate, and checking and recording my blood pressure at home.

Better track my health issues. Use the apps I have. Tracking can lead to finding triggers and that can lead to better overall control of my disease.

Get a medical marijuana prescription. Confirm my hospital’s policy, then find a pain management doctor if necessary. Register with the state as needed.

Commit to taking a multi-vitamin daily. This is the one supplement I always forget and I need to be better about it.

In 2013 I accomplished the majority of my health resolutions. I did change my DMD from Copaxone to Tecfidera and I haven’t had an exacerbation (with new disease activity) since. I increased my gabapentin dosage and had a remarkable upswing in my walking ability because it much better controlled the pain and muscle fatigue. As for my migraine triggers, they seem to frequently come along with other MS pain, so I still need to track them further to figure this out. I did not obtain medical marijuana last year as the state was not yet set up to provide it, but I did join an organization supporting patients so that I could learn about the process.


Written by tldegray

January 3, 2014 at 7:00 am

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