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My MS Motto

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Today is National MS Day and the NMSS wants to know my motto for making it through another day of MS.

“Fuck it.”

Yep. That’s my motto. Short and sweet. To the point. Fuck it. Witness:

Can’t spend time outside in the Summer without getting ill from heat? Fuck it; move the party inside where the air-conditioning is.

Take twenty pills a day and can’t bear to take one more? Fuck it; buy gummy vitamins for adults and take them.

Have to cancel plans because of your MS? Fuck it; get up tomorrow and try again.

Fuck it reminds me that I always get a reset. It reminds me not to dwell on the things I can’t control and to make the very best of everything I have. Fuck it makes me laugh.

So next time your MS has you down, just remember: Fuck it.


Written by tldegray

May 29, 2013 at 12:54 pm

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