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The Encrypted Series by Lindsay Buroker

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NewEncryptedThumbI read this book ages ago and should have recommended it then because it’s my favorite of Buroker’s books. In Encrypted, Professor Tikaya Komitopis spent the war using her skills to decode enemy missives. So when she’s kidpnapped from her family home she’s terrified she’ll be killed. Her only ally is another prisoner, one as academic as her and with as big a secret. Along with their captors (and an assassin familiar to reader’s of Buroker’s Emperor’s Edge series, if twenty years younger) Tikaya and Rias understand the puzzling technology left by an ancient race and work to keep it out of the wrong hands. Tikaya is a great protagonist, smart, practical, not at all afraid to get her hands dirty.

imagesIn the novella, Enigma, Tikaya and Rias are on their way to her home so he can meet her family. That should be trouble enough for them, but, naturally, the second they board a ship they’re in trouble again. Tikaya’s skills as an archeologist and Rias’ skills as just about everything else keep them safe and in the end they make what I hope will be a valuable ally in future stories. It’s filler, but it’s entertaining filler, and it’s a good thing to read prior to Decryption so you understand just what’s going through their minds as they arrive.

285210_409901669099370_2048163157_nReally, they should have known it wouldn’t be that easy. In Decrypted there’s no reason Rias–aka Federias Starcrest, the enemy Tikaya’s people blame for the harm they suffered during the war–would be welcome on her home island. But they, or at least Tikaya, thought Rias’ skills and her assurances of his loyalties would be enough. What they didn’t and couldn’t expect was that secrets dating back to the founding of her island nation would be their biggest problem.


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April 11, 2013 at 6:30 am

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