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Health Resolutions for the New Year

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I think if I can accomplish these things then some of my other health goals will become attainable.

Change my DMD (disease-modifying drug). Almost everyone will tell you that the most important thing about your DMD is compliance. Will you take the drug as directed? Right now I take Copaxone, which is a daily, subcutaneous injection. I’m tired of it. I’m tired of the pain, of the time it takes, of the entire process. And I’m concerned because I’ve already had one episode of breakthrough disease.

There are currently nine DMDs available for MS. I’m dismissing anything that requires an injection. If I were okay with injections I’d be sticking with the Copaxone. I’m also dismissing the IV infusion DMDs because I don’t have good enough veins to keep that up for the long-term. That leaves me with the oral medications: Gilenya and Aubagio.  I don’t know yet which one I’ll choose, though I lean toward Gilenya. I’ll need to do research and consult with my Neurologist.

Better Manage my Symptoms. Chief among this goal is to get a prescription for medical marijuana. I’ve already eliminated diclofenac sodium from my daily regimen because it causes damage to the GI system. Right now I’m taking gabapentin twice daily for MS pain and while it works, it works only to a degree, and it also causes extreme fatigue and brain fog, neither of which I care for. I already know that marijuana aids with this sort of pain without the gabapentin side-effects. I also take baclofen for the MS Hug. In order for the baclofen to work at all you have to take it immediately, almost before you realize you’re having an MS Hug, or you have to take at least double the dose. (Which I don’t do, so I end up taking one dose, waiting the eight hours until I can take the next, then taking a second dose–all that before I get even the slightest pain relief.)

This is a common complaint among people with MS. Our medication works, sort of, but not completely, never entirely. We are never free from pain. I’d like to find something–and I believe that something is medical marijuana–that helps me. This is going to be a battle, I can tell. My Neurologist will not prescribe it. Will my PCP? I qualify under the law so I hope at least one of my doctors will respect that and assist me in taking control of my own health.

Find my Migraine Trigger(s). This should be as easy as noting down whatever I’m doing when a migraine strikes. If anyone uses a tracker–specifically an Android app–let me know. I need something quick and easy that I can do while in pain. One of the main reasons I want to do this is because I don’t like the medication I take for migraines. Because of my other health issues I can’t take standard migraine medications, so I take vicodin for the pain. It works, but it also knocks me out, and that’s not something I care for. I suspect the medical marijuana will help with this, too.


Written by tldegray

December 28, 2012 at 3:14 pm

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