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The weekend of October 27-28, 2012

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Now that I’ve discovered PhotoGrid I obviously need to use it to document my entire life via daily photo collage. Obviously. More seriously, it’s giving me an excuse to interact more while keeping my energy fairly low, by posting just the collage, if I choose, while I recover from late Summer’s MS relapse.

Hurricane Sandy alert, assorted cold meds, Glitch

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday was a super-lazy day. I’m sick, as you can see from my delightful array of cold medicines, and I am not loving it. It’s more of a cough-thing than a congestion-thing so I am grateful for that. And for Robitussin.

Even with the cold meds, this cold knocked me on my ass. I’m sleeping unbelievably much, waking every few hours for an hour or so then falling back asleep. A cold on top of a relapse is not a pleasurable thing. I feel completely drained.

On Saturday this meant I had a lot of time to play my new obsession, Glitch. This game is super-adorable. That’s right, super-adorable. That’s my Glitch, sibylsibyl on the right. I was visiting someone’s home street as part of a “Feat.” This Feat–An Abstrixian Aside–“honors the welcoming friendliness and good-natured hospitality that is a hallmark of the Glitchian world.” See? Adorable.

I was never able to enjoy MMOs that are about fighting but it seems I’m right at home in one that values sharing and caring. If you come across me in there you’ll likely get at “hi” (and bonus mood) because I’m getting as much a kick out of that as I am out of fulfilling quests.

Feel free to friend me if you decide to play.

Patriots 45-Rams 7, Hurricane Sandy, ABC Always Be Charging

October 28, 2012

Sunday was all about the football. (As you do.) My Pats played the Rams in London and completely destroyed them. I don’t particularly love the London games and I’m really not thrilled there will be two games played there next season. I could especially do without whatever noisemakers the crowd was playing through the entire game. It sounded like a herd of ambulances was descending on the stadium.

The big deal for the weekend–and likely for the upcoming week–is Hurricane Sandy. As of this afternoon it’s going to miss my state and that’s good, but we’re still near enough to get high winds, rain, and flooding.

Because of my health I’ve found myself terribly anxious about this storm. (To the point that The Husband is ready to Xanax me himself, I think. He’s such a trouper, though. He’s keeping my anxiety levels–I’ve had nightmares, people!–from rising too far above 11. Although he did just tell me he almost bought me a miner’s hat light because he thinks he’s funny. Har har.) Hence the mass of power cords to the left. I’m following the ABC Rule of storm preparation: Always Be Charging. That way if we lose power, as we did for three days this time last year, I’ll at least begin the storm with my stuff charged. I also have all the other storm necessities so we’re good to go. Stay safe, East Coasters!


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October 28, 2012 at 4:32 pm

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