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My first official MS relapse since beginning a disease modifying drug.

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For the record, I hate MS. I curse it and spit upon it.

I got the results from my cervical spine MRI and there is a very tiny active lesion.

[Stop: education time. A lesion in the case of MS is an area of demyelination, or an area where the protective coating–myelin–around the nerve fibers is damaged. An active lesion is an area that is currently being attacked or damaged. Lesions can remain active for 3-6 months after which they have either repaired themselves or the damage stays and they become plaques or “scars.” Multiple scleroses = many scars.]

So what this active lesion means to me is that my body is currently attacking itself. (My immune system thinks the myelin is bad and must be destroyed.) This is likely what’s caused the numbness and tingling in my right arm and hand. Because this particular active lesion is so very small I had a choice of whether or not to treat it with steroid infusions. Because it’s my dominant hand and it makes it difficult to drive, eat, write, knit, etc., I chose to have the infusions which will begin Monday.

What this means for the disease modifying drug I’m taking (Copaxone) is pretty much nothing right now. We’ll do follow-up MRIs in probably 6 months and if there is nothing new or active we’ll go on with Copaxone. If there is something else new or currently active then we’ll switch to a different drug. (Likely a beta-interferon.)

I am of course not thrilled over this. The hope is always for no new damage. And I had very strong hopes of that because I spent the morning before receiving this information at the gym, working out in the pool. I felt so strong and so good that I suspect I overdid my workout, but it just felt so good to move. Hopefully this is a blip on the radar. As relapses go, this is a small one. Before Monday I’ll load up my tablet with a good book or some comics, or maybe a movie, and I’ll relax my way through my steroid infusion and back into the life I want.


Written by tldegray

August 24, 2012 at 1:56 pm

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