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Classic victim blaming. As per usual.

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One can only be forgiven for the same transgressions so many times. Once, you're a victim. After that, you are simply a volunteer.

Victim blaming holds the victim responsible for what has happened to them. It releases the perpetrator from responsibility. It shows no compassion, no understanding of the effects of long-term abuse, no comprehension that one day it could be you.

Go ahead. Make yourself feel better. Tell yourself it could never happen to you because you would never be a volunteer. Make yourself feel safer by pretending the only people who get hurt are people who deserve to be hurt.

Live the lie, folks. Be a douche and snuggle up in your safety blanket. After all, what does it really matter if you continue to hurt people who’ve already been harmed? They’re volunteers, right? So they don’t matter.


Written by tldegray

February 12, 2012 at 10:00 am

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