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College & Chronic Illness

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Hmm I wonder. How many people in the chronic illness circle on Tumblr currently attend college? And how do you feel about it? And if you’ve dropped out because of an illness, what are you doing now to make a living? (via leoncillo on Tumblr)

I’m one class away from finishing my BA. One class. One horrid quantitative reasoning (statistics) class. The plan was to have finished it this past Spring. I was taking it and everything was going according to plan until I had another MS exacerbation.

The fatigue was terrible. The pain, the difficulty walking, they were all hard. But what made it impossible for me to finish that class was the cognitive difficulties I developed. Since then I had a neuropsych evaluation and realized why this was all so hard for me. While my ability stayed in the 95th to 99th percentile, my recall speed was in the 21st percentile. I can no longer multi-task, something I used to excel at. Not only can I not multi-task, I can’t have any distractions at all when trying to learn something. I have to work extremely hard to commit things to memory and even harder to pull them out of my memory when I need them.

Yeah, it’s a blow. I build a lot of my identity on my intellectual ability and on being able to help people, and now I don’t have that.

The Neuro-Psychologist was great. She gave me so many tips that will hopefully help me take and finish that one last class that stands between me and my degree. She also wrote something for my college, telling them the accommodations I need and why.

So here I am right now, trying to get SSDI after working more than half my life then having that ability taken away from me by MS. I don’t know if I will ever be able to work again but I have to hope.


Written by tldegray

October 26, 2011 at 9:01 pm

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