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Moms, Dads, and Moral Support

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Today was my first copaxone injection at home alone (yesterday’s was done at my injection training session with my MS Nurse). I got everything set up, loaded the autoinject device, and had it against my leg. Then… total chicken. I took some deep breaths, closed my eyes, got centered, and then… more chicken. So I did what any adult would do in this situation. I called my parents.

Mom was and always is my cheerleader. You can do it, you did it yesterday. I looked at the damn thing resting on my leg and thought, no. No, I really cannot. So I had her put Dad on the phone.

Dad is a retired small town cop. Today I really got a good idea of exactly who he was as a cop and why everyone in town knew his name. Dad also right now has a broken pelvis and is in an immense amount of pain. When he answered the phone he sounded a little rough but as soon as I told him what was going on his entire voice changed. I listened to him telling me to imagine I was putting a needle into my skin to get a splinter. This is a normal action I’m doing, is what he’s trying to show me. It’s nothing special, nothing to even think about. So I closed my eyes, pushed the button, and gave myself the shot.

I don’t know why I was so afraid. The needle itself does not hurt. Today I didn’t even feel a pinch when it went in. The injection site hurts after but I learned yesterday that a cold pack will make it feel better right away, and I had a cold pack waiting. I guess I just needed a little moral support for my first time.


Written by tldegray

July 12, 2011 at 5:36 pm

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