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From Paying People to Stay Home:

We don’t appear sick enough and I hear many complain about paying people to stay home.  That $1037.00 I receive in disability benefits has been a dream of mine since I was 15, when I got my first paycheck from Taco Bell and saw my deduction for Medicare and disability benefits.  Yes, this girl from Westminster, California is finally living the dream. 

I hear constant criticism from even close family members that we shouldn’t, “Pay people to stay home.”  Good news everyone, you don’t.  Those who have been working have been paying into a system for years, so that burden is not yours.  And for those who have never worked and are using SS or disability benefits, I say, kudos.  They are taking care of themselves so they may take care of their own families.  People who take care of themselves can take care of their children or elderly parents and are doing society as a whole a great service. 

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Written by tldegray

April 4, 2011 at 2:00 pm

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  1. I read this and just had to laugh!! Excellent take on those that just have to imply to those of us who have had to leave our professions, jobs, friends, co-workers and social lives to stay home and…yes..wait for it…wait for it….get PAID??? OMG Are they serious? Do they have any idea how this has stripped away our autonomy, our financial stability and so many other things?? Is staying home and getting paid for it really what ‘they’ want to do also?? Then GO FOR IT I say…but, we must add in something else with that wonderful ability to stay home….CONSTANT PAIN. Anyoe?? ANy takers on this life that they all seem to want?? I bet if ‘they’ really tried it out…they would be back to work within one or two days. Time to attempt some emaphty and walk in our shoes for awhile. Oh, and do ‘they’ know that we had to FIGHT our own Government for those HUGE Disability checks?? For money that WE paid into for years when we could work?? Yes, we have to hire a lawyer and fight, fight, fight for our OWN MONEY. Stay home all of you that really want to live in pain and ‘be able’ to stay home, and think about all of that while you are NOT enjoying being at home!! (Thought I would be a little less sarcastic but oh well…it goes with the post) LOL Gentle Hugs—-<3>Shauna


    July 19, 2011 at 9:43 pm

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