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All She Wrote (Holmes & Moriarity Book 2) by Josh Lanyon

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All She Wrote (Holmes & Moriarity #2)All She Wrote by Josh Lanyon
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I might have waited a whole hour after finishing Holmes & Moriarity Book 1 before I set my Kindle to shop and downloaded book 2. And that was probably only because I took a break from reading to eat dinner.

Lanyon’s Holmes & Moriarity books are filling a void I hadn’t realized was missing. I grew up reading mysteries–some very much like Christopher’s Miss Butterwith series–and have been looking for something that captures my imagination the way they did. What can I say, I like a nice, academic, gentle mystery. And I especially like it when the good guys can’t always save the day and when the bad guys aren’t all bad.

With Miss Butterwith safely ensconced at a new publishing house and Christopher freed from having to develop a new series, he’s a little more relaxed. Well, relaxed about his work, certainly not about his relationship with J.X. When his old mentor asks him to step in and run a writer’s workshop for her he jumps at the chance and easily cancels plans with J.X. We all know how much Christopher hates writer’s workshops and so does J.X. so he sees the writing on the wall when Kit bails on him yet again.

Christopher tells himself he did it for good reasons. His mentor, Anna–the American Agatha Christie–thinks someone is trying to kill her and after Christopher saved the day at his last writer’s retreat she thinks he’s the one to help her find out who done it. J.X. isn’t buying it and neither is Christopher, not really. When Christopher gets hurt in the line of duty it’s J.X. he wants and J.X. who comes.

The mystery, as with the first book, kept me guessing, and the resolution was highly satisfactory. The love story was especially interesting to me as J.X. and Kit tried to navigate their various power imbalances without hurting each other. The sex scenes were more explicit than in the first book, but still highly emotionally charged.

If you like characters with depth and shades of grey, you’ll enjoy this mystery.

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January 7, 2011 at 1:00 pm

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