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Outside my window… it was very sunny today. And hot. I’d like it to cool down just a bit, but still be warm enough for sunning between classes.

I am thinking… that classes start next week, half the books I ordered aren’t here yet, and am I supposed to do something for convocation and if so would someone tell me?

I am thankful for… friends who understand and support me, the goofy dog who I swear is grinning while she stares at me right now, and even the snoring husband (though this pillow stealing thing he has going on has got to stop).

From the learning rooms… I just got a copy of Christine de Pizan’s “The Book of the City of Ladies” in the mail. This is going to be an interesting semester.

From the kitchen… was take-out tonight because I forgot to defrost chicken. Oops? But yay for tacos?

I am wearing… a distressed blue tank top that I like so much I also own in purple. Oddly enough, even though he’s sound asleep, my husband is wearing his glasses.

I am creating… a letter, a post, and a scarf. I wish there was more but I’m just too tired. CFIDS flare-ups are brutal, especially when combined with PHN.

I am going… to the drive-in this weekend, at least I hope, for the Labor Day Triple Feature (or as long as I can stand it). I’m also going to a Davis BBQ at Wellesley.

I am reading…Free-Range Knitter: The Yarn Harlot Writes Again” which, by the by, is dirt cheap (a little over a dollar) for Kindle or Hardcover right now. I’ve been posting highlights and notes from that–and other–books here at my Kindle page.

I am hoping… that my sleep schedule evens out. And by evens out I mean I sleep at night and part of the day (thank you, CFIDS) and not all night and all day. I’d like to have half a chance of making classes this semester.

I am hearing… the air conditioner. The old air conditioner, mind, because the second I bought the new one it got cold and rainy so we figured we wouldn’t have my husband change it out right away, since between his work and his thesis he doesn’t have time. Naturally it got hot again and now this weekend he’s going to be installing the new one.

Around the house… there is a mouse. I hate the mouse. I wish it would go away. Do you hear me, mouse? Go away! Go away because there are traps for you, mouse, and they’re going to snap on you! *sigh* I miss my cat. She was a hell of a mouser.

One of my favorite things… is my Kindle. I never thought I’d like an e-reader. I am one of those “smell of the ink, feel of the binding kind of people.” But with the nerve damage in the palm of my hand it is so much easier to hold a Kindle. I can do it one-handed, I can turn pages with one finger, there’s no extra pain like there is when I try to read a real book. Plus? So much less clutter. You have no idea how many books I buy, people. Seriously.

Plans for the rest of the week… chores and errands, health-permitting. Maybe a blog post at IRY. Hopefully another day at the gym because it was awesome today.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…

Uploaded with
Yarnbombing in Lowell. See more on Flickr at After the Flood.

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Written by tldegray

September 1, 2010 at 12:03 am

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