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Salt and Silver by Anna Katherine

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Salt and Silver Salt and Silver by Anna Katherine
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Allie is not at all who I expected her to be. She was rich, and she had everything she ever wanted. She was also spoiled and self-centered and unthinking. When we meet Allie she’s poor, living above a restaurant and working there. She lost her money when her mom ran off with it and her tennis instructor and I expected her to be resentful. She isn’t, though, she’s more sad.

Allie and her two best friends Amanda and Stan got drunk one night and they did a spell and created a Door. A Door to hell, or to hells, more accurately. A sentient Door that wants you to use it because it wants to corrupt you and have you open it so all the demons beyond it can come into your world and destroy everything they find. So, you know, that sucks. Amanda and Stan went home but Allie stayed and took on some responsibility for the Door. Ryan, the hunter who guards the door, had a little bit to do with that, but he’s teaching Allie to fight and Allie likes it.

When the Door moves for some reason a bigger and even scarier world opens up to Allie. There are more hunters than just Ryan and far more doors than she’d ever thought. She, Ryan, Stan, and some hunters travel through a Door and through many hells in order to find out where her Door went and try to close it.

There was quite a bit here I enjoyed. The way Allie tried to stay close with Stan and Amanda, the way she sees them for who they are and loves them anyway. The way she and Ryan are involved so emotionally but at times fight it for “safety.” The way people change in the hells to reflect who or what they truly are. The way Allie learns and changes as we read. The way Allie stands up for what she loves and how she comes to love her life.

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