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Chronic pain and social space.

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It’s hard to make conversation without ever mentioning anything remotely related to your chronic pain, because the thing about chronic pain is that it’s chronic. It’s not an abstract, it’s not transitory, and it’s not something you can leave at home when you go out to dinner. It’s part of your life, like eating and shitting and breathing.

So you are basically erased. You have to pretend your everyday life doesn’t exist. You don’t exist in that social space. What exists is a construct of you – a happy, shiny construct that has no pain. This often consists of memories of yourself before you got chronic pain. Or the parts of you that aren’t boring and irritating and discomforting and in pain. But it’s not the whole you, because that huge, chronic part of your life is a forbidden subject.

[Don’t Talk About That!]


Written by tldegray

May 12, 2010 at 8:51 pm

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