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Illustration of the Imagination

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Yesterday I went to this amazing exhibit of masks at Endicott College’s art center. Masks is almost a misnomer, because some of these were full-body costumes. I have a thing for masks and it was great to see them designed so creatively. I recognized Baba Yaga before reading the sign, not because she looks like Baba Yaga, but because she looks like I would have made Baba Yaga look. I also really Cassandra. The mask was simple in design but evoked a mood that reminded me of Heaney’s poem: “no such thing as innocent bystanding.” Bacchus and The Morrigan were other favorites of mine, both looking just as I’d imagined those gods would look.

You can read more about the mask-makers here. Admission is free and the exhibit runs through June 9.

Illustration of the Imagination

Link goes to my Picasa photo album.


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April 21, 2010 at 4:56 pm

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