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Mystic River

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On such a beautiful Spring day I’ve found myself humming a very wintry tune. I can hear children’s voices singing it–me and my classmates, probably elementary school or earlier–our voices rising as we sang about the “white and drifted snoooo-oh!”

I didn’t know Lydia Maria Child wrote that song, nor did I know she was from Medford. Back then I most likely didn’t know Medford existed, it being roughly one hundred miles east of where I was singing, but now Medford is somewhat local to me, as is the Mystic River where I found the Condon Shell and its tribute to Child.

The paths along the river were busy when I was there, full of people and their dogs. There was evidence of the obligatory teenaged drinking (and why do they never pick up their trash?), but even more evidence that this was a place that everyone shared. Lyrics were chalked on the sidewalk along with one very memorable “warning, dead raccoon” complete with arrows pointing me at said raccoon. The Condon Shell itself is colorfully painted and in wonderful shape, even with the winter detritus of dried flowers and frozen berries surrounding it. And, because this is New England, the geese set sail for any person they catch looking at them, hoping for a treat.

It was a beautiful day.

Condon Shell, Mystic River

Written by tldegray

March 9, 2010 at 10:00 am

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