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Sunrise Memories

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View of my backyard at sunrise, July 14.

View of my backyard at sunrise, July 14.

I’m not a morning person–as a matter of fact, I’m downright surly in the morning until I’ve had my coffee–but there’s something about the way summer sunrises make the world look as if it’s been dipped in honey that just make me want to get up and enjoy them.

When I was young I spent summer days with my grandmother while my parents worked. She made everything more fun, especially breakfast. On beautiful days like this she’d make breakfast in a cast iron skillet on the outside grill and we’d eat at the picnic table. To this day I swear the bacon, eggs, and toast tasted better when eaten in the blue-yellow-green morning with the sound of birds chirping awake around us.

My grandmother has Alzheimer’s now. So much of her specialness is lost to us, except in memories of a sunny day. That’s why I peered blearily out the bedroom window at sunrise and took this photo, and that’s why some days I take my coffee to the back porch and smile while I’m drinking it.

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July 17, 2009 at 11:42 am

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