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According to a new national poll released by The Allstate Foundation, nearly 70% of Americans do not see a connection between domestic violence and economic abuse, and nearly 8 out of 10 Americans link economic abuse to Wall Street woes or irresponsible spending.

That 70% and those 8 out of ten people? Wrong. Sadly, scarily wrong.

The Allstate Foundation provides the following examples of economic abuse:

  • Taking money, credit card or property from a partner without their permission
  • Racking up debt without a partner’s knowledge
  • Purposely ruining a partner’s credit score
  • Forbidding a partner from earning money or attending school
  • Forcing a partner to hand over paychecks
  • Canceling insurance or credit cards without the partner’s knowledge
  • Harassing a partner at work to negatively impact a job


Whatever term you use–domestic violence, intimate partner violence, gender-based violence, violence against women–it’s about power and control. Taking away a person’s economic options is just another way of controlling her. How free would you be if you weren’t allowed to have a job or keep your paycheck? How would you leave a life-threatening relationship if you had no money to put gas in your car or pay for food and a place to stay? How would you exist if you were completely dependent upon someone else for money?

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Written by tldegray

July 7, 2009 at 10:07 am

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