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Whatever happened to lazy Sundays?

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The thing about working from home this Summer is that every day is the same. They’re very good days, I accomplish a great deal while being in a pleasant environment and I have time to run errands and do chores. I also have the freedom to nap or just plain goof off whenever I need or want to. But when the weekend arrives it doesn’t feel different to me. I’m left thinking about getting some work done and wondering what happened to the charmed weekends of my childhood.

This is something I can fix, but I can’t quite figure out how yet. Working from home is a fantastic privilege and I cherish it. It’s brought a great deal of peace and balance into my life. Still, the weekends are less than they should be, or at least less than I remember them as, and I want something different. Something special.

Maybe those kind of weekends only exist for children. Before I began this back-to-school adventure I was working full-time and I’d collapse on my couch Friday nights, thinking about all the chores I had to do in just two short-days. It was exhausting and most certainly not charmed but, looking back, at least it was different.

So how do I make this wonderful Summer even more wonderful? What little thing can I do on the weekend to make it somehow resemble the idyllic weekends of my childhood? What do you do to carve out an oasis for yourself and your family? There has to be something because I want my lazy Sundays back.

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Written by tldegray

June 14, 2009 at 7:08 pm

Posted in Essay

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