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So Governor Palin has an 4-1/2 month old baby. You know how I know this? Because she’s already receiving criticism about leaving that baby at home while she goes off on the campaign trail.

People. Media. It isn’t as if she’s sticking the kid out in a snowbank to be looked after by the native Alaskan wildlife. She has a husband. She has four other children. For all you or I or the media know she has plenty of other family. I assume until told otherwise that the child will have good care.

Would you be saying this to any man who went off on the campaign trail to leave his children of any age at home with mom? No. Because no one ever does. Daddy goes out to work or otherwise while mommy stays home, and any mommy who does otherwise is called a bad mother.

There are a great many reasons to dislike Sarah Palin. She’s pro-life, opposes same-sex marriage, and thinks creationism should be taught in schools. But, please, don’t criticize her because she isn’t doing her duty as a sitcom 1960s mother.

ETA: Corrected age of baby, which doesn’t change my opinion. Also to add this:
As a new mom, how are you going to juggle all this?
SARAH: I am thankful to be married to a man who loves being a dad as much as I love being a mom, so he is my strength. And practically speaking, we have a great network of help with lots of grandparents and aunties and uncles all around us. We have a lot of help.
So will your husband be on leave now indefinitely to be Mr. Mom?
SARAH: I would say so, yes. [Source]

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Written by tldegray

August 30, 2008 at 5:50 am

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