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Told ya some blame would fall on Elizabeth.

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Back when the news of John Edwards’ affair broke, I said this:

I agree with Elizabeth Edwards, to a degree, that if the public (and the media) are so concerned about the harm John has done to his marriage and family that they ought to butt out and let him and his family heal. I feel her on this, I really do, because in some ways she’s going to end up taking just as much shit as John, for much less reason. … The fault and the blame is put on the woman who was cheated on. We all know that’s going to happen to Elizabeth, too, because it always happens. As a woman, you know, Elizabeth should have stood up and thrown him out on his ass. (Feel my sarcasm, feel it hard.)

Look what I found today: Wife blasted for keeping Edwards affair secret. Have some excerpts:

Critics say Elizabeth Edwards lost their sympathy for keeping affair secret.

“I think she’s complicit,” said Brad Crone, a Raleigh-based Democratic consultant. “Obviously, she knew. While she’s the victim, she clearly didn’t stand in the way of the cover-up.”

…others angrily suggested that keeping the secret was no less a sin that the one committed by her philandering husband.

“She knew president with this bomb waiting to go off. She did. She kinda loses my sympathy,” wrote one poster [at Daily Kos].

“I believe we are all owed a huge apology, not self-serving claims for pity by both John and Elizabeth Edwards, who both knew about the affair and both decided to go forward and seek the Democratic candidacy, regardless of the Titanic risk,” wrote another.

Sucks to be her, huh? Not only did she make a political error but she loses all sympathy for a thing that was done to her.

Did it ever occur to anyone that Elizabeth Edwards shouldn’t have even had to give thought to a cover-up? John Edwards shouldn’t have had an affair. He shouldn’t have made vows he didn’t want to keep. His wife, the one who was hurt by his actions, should not have had to think about how to deal with any of the fallout except for what occurred between her and her husband.

This is John’s fault. Solely and utterly his. Elizabeth is the victim and she still deserves sympathy. And I’m beginning to think she deserves an apology from all those who want her to apologize to them for her actions after finding out her husband had an affair. You’re expecting a woman–a wife–to set aside her own emotional harm, the harm done to her by her husband, and think solely about politics. You’re expecting the victim to turn around and act as coldly and unemotionally as the one who harmed her.

Tell me something. If Elizabeth had come forward and spoken to the media about John’s affair, what would that have done for her? This is a woman who has said she supported “an imperfect man who had come to face his own imperfections and was seeking to redeem himself to those closest to him.” How would that redemption have gone if she’d turned away from him and made their problems public?

I don’t blame Elizabeth Edwards for not wanting to sacrifice her marriage, her family, her privacy, and her healing on the altar of politics. I sympathize with her because her husband harmed her and then that harm became the subject of public scrutiny. And I sympathize with her because she’s now being asked to shoulder the blame for something that was never her fault.

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Written by tldegray

August 26, 2008 at 8:54 pm

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